Meet Owner Robert Grippa!

Meet Master Knife Sharpener and Owner, Robert Grippa!

Robert, or Bob as he prefers, began his life adventures when he was drafted into the marines in 1964.  After an intense period of boot camp and learning to disarm mines, Bob was sent to Vietnam from 1967-68.  Bob spent his time there destroying mines on Highway 1 so that it could be used by U.S. convoys to bring supplies north.

Upon returning home, Robert returned to work in his trade as an electrician, and in 1984 started his own company, Midwest Electric.  The company grew and eventually his son joined him in the family business, which Bob finally passed over to him in 2006.

Now in his “retired years,” Bob has taken to his life-long passion of knife-sharpening using diamond edge knife sharpeners.   Taking his passion from a hobby to a profession, Bob opened Razor Edge Knife Sharpening in 2006.  Offering custom, timely knife-sharpening services using a diamond-edge knife sharpener, Bob produces knives with the perfect 20-degree angle for ultimate sharpness, while still preserving the quality and metal of the knife.

If you haven’t already, be sure to find Razor Edge Knife Sharpening on Facebook and enter to win a custom knife sharpening session!

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